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 Searching for new partners, cooperation with them, offering and providing information, further education, publishing and consultancy are our basic goals and activities.

In these topics we are ready to offer to interested person relatively wide set of services and activities. We are able to establish cooperation with persons, associations and other subjects. We can offer to them combination on preparing and realization our activities and projects and on the contrary we can offer our cooperation and know-how for their activities.

Main topics of our offer:

·       lectures and talk shows about travelling and journeys with screening of presentations, photos and movies about our trips to native and foreign countries,

·       preparing of articles and publications about travel and other themes. The articles can be published standalone or in newspapers, magazines or they can be part of collected works, etc.,

·       support, cooperation and consultation for preparing of varied studies, analyses and papers for evaluating and improving tourist and other potential of area,

·       support, cooperation and consultation for preparing and organizing of sport, relax, sociable, cultural activities, projects, stays and meetings, including associated activities,

·       support for spread and improving of personal computers knowledge and skills,

·       etc., etc..

If you are interested in our offer or cooperation with us, do not hesitate and contact us (see here).