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         One of our great project is journey

"From Bohemia to the End of the world"

it means journey to Galicia in Spain - to Santiago de Compostela and to Cape Finisterre, that was consider as really End of the world in the Middle Ages.

We want in this project framework:

·       remind the diplomatic journey, whose 540th anniversary is celebrated in 2007, that was realized by czech (bohemian) delegation under leadership of czech nobleman Leo of Rozmital. The delegation visited many european rulers and their courts during the journey. They gained seriousness and respect for themselves and for Bohemian Kingdom by their galant and knights performance, their facility and intrepid behaviour on the tournaments and knights games,

·       remind diplomatic activities of Bohemian King George of Podebrady. These activities were aimed at building united and peaceful Europe and the diplomatic mission led by Leo of Rozmital supported theirs indirectly,

·       express our support of present ideas of united Europe and publicize Czech Republic as regular member of the European Union,

·       arrange new contacts and friendships overcoming border of our country during preparing and realization our memorial journey and partial derivated projects.

     We find out contacts and partners in Spain and present our project to Czech subjects, too. As we get answers, we prepare and precise concrete script and timetable of the project.

We will publicize news about our project on this page.

Project news

9th October 2006

The first answer for our letters offering participation was sent by Mr. José Manuel Traba Fernández, mayor of spanish town Fisterra. In the name of his town he has expressed interest in active participation in our project „From Bohemia to the End of the world“. We are glad to utilize his proposal.

12th - 14th October 2006

We presented our activities and also our project „From Bohemia to the End of the world“ at tourism fair ITEP (Pilsen 12th – 14th October 2006). We looked for project partners, with some of them we plan meetings in the near future.