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        We are association called

  Leo of Rozmital SOCIETY

      Our society was established 19th april 2006 in city Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic. We are group of person with joint idea, that friendly meetings and mutual recognizing of culture, history and tradition ourself and other nations is a right way for friendship, cooperation and for enhancement of joint Europe ideas.

      Our society is led by executive board in constitution :

  Petr Cvachovec - chairman of The Board

              Jan  Šmrha        - member of The Board – secretary

              Petr Štolcpart    - member of The Board – secretary

      Contacts for our society and executive board are on this link.

Why we are called Leo of Rozmital Society

      We chose the name Leo of Rozmital for our association, because lord Jaroslav Leo of Rozmital was Czech nobleman, which led a Czech diplomatic mission to European rulers courts between years 1465 and 1467. Bohemian King George of Podebrady delegated him represent Bohemian Kingdom as modern and cultural country and its King as powerful and well educated ruler. The second goal of the mission was support of King George´s peace initiatives. These suggestions of peace treaty offered European rulers build up European peace organization and conclude treaties about peace and cooperating among European countries. These suggestions of treaties were really ones of the first peace treaties for whole Europe and we can called them predecessors modern treaties of European Union. These ideas are the same like ideas our society.

What our goals are

  •  Recognize European and other countries, their inhabitants and culture,

  •   initiate, support, help and  mediate mutual recognizing and developing personal professional and interest contacts,

  •  support and development of social, cultural and sport knowledges, crafts and activities,

  •   make, mediate and ensure organizational and technical support for inquiry, knowledge, publishing and advising activities.

 Whom we offer cooperation

     Our society is prepared to cooperate with all person and associations, which are interested in cooperation and learning about our native country and foreign countries. We are dynamic society, which looks for new ideas and contacts for our goals realization.

 Who supports us

     We are unprofit association and we gain resources through our activities, primarily lecture, cultural and educational. But we would be grateful for support of foundations and sponzoring of individuals, organizations and companies, which are interested in our goals and our priorities.